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A Spot on Inner Fidelity's "Wall of Fame"

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Empire Ears Zeus XR Adel Custom Earphones

We're pleased that our ADEL™ modules have worked so well with Empire Ears' in-ear monitors.  
And we are happy to say that we have received a great review at InnerFidelity which had a lot to say about Empire Ears' Zeus XR ADEL Custom IEMs. You can read the entire review here, but let's just share the last paragraph with you:

"What I am sure about is the Zeus XR ADEL being the best CIEM I've ever heard. Every iteration I tried was pleasing, but the Zeus R with G1 ADEL modules hits all the right notes for me. Whatever health benefits ADEL may or may not offer, I'm confident in declaring it a success when it comes to sonic properties. The Zeus R with G1 bests my other favorite CIEMs by a not-insignificant margin, advancing the state of the art and putting a huge smile on my face with each listening session. And that makes it worthy of a spot on the Wall of Fame."

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