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The Asius ADEL™ earbud takes a pounding so your ears don't


It became clear to Asius Technologies many years ago that an ear bud in your ear blocks your ear canal from the rest of the world, which means the atmosphere.  So a different pressure is in your ear that remains constant when there is no sound being pumped through.   When there is, the pressure is increased so the air has no place to go except deeper into your ear canal, where it meets the delicate membrane known as the "ear drum."

Over time, damage occurs to the ear drum, and a person's sense of hearing is weakened.  The natural reaction to this when using earbuds is to turn the volume higher, which causes additional damage to the ear drum.  Eventually this can lead to hearing loss.

Our solution is to manage the air pressure while delivering quality sound, thus stopping the progression of any harm.

We want you to enjoy your music the safe way.  Our Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL™) absorbs harmful in-ear pressures, thereby preserving the health of the human ear, and allowing you to more safely hear sound the way it was intended to be heard.

Don't let the "cool" ear bud brands slowly rob you of one of your important senses.  Start hearing properly with Asius and its products.

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