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Getting Brian Johnson "Back in Black"

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Brian Johnson of AC/DC was contacted by Asius Technologies regarding a solution for his hearing loss.
Creative Commons Weatherman90 at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons


Not too long ago, Asius Technologies Founder Stephen Ambrose recorded a heart felt video letter to famous AC/DC rocker Brian Johnson after reading that he has had to stop touring with he band due to hearling loss.   


The video went viral, to the attention of Mr. Johnson, and in May the two gentlemen met in Southern California to see if he could be helped.  According to Stephen, "What a gracious man; He and his wife Brenda invited me to visit them next week. If anyone deserves to benefit from my research - it's Brian - who has been giving incomparable performances for years despite increasing hearing loss. I'm going to do my utmost to see if our new hearing breakthroughs can help him, and If I am at all successful, I'm sure Brian will let everyone know; he really cares about people and would like to help. I am truly humbled and honored to meet this man, and I wish to sincerely thank everyone who helped. Fingers crossed; please pray for our success. 

AC/DC rocker Brian Johnson and Asius Technologies Founder Stephen Ambrose enjoying sunny California.

Brian, everyone in the world is sending you positive thoughts and at Asius Technologies we're doing our best so you and millions of others can hear great music once again.

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