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Headphone Guru 2016 Writer's Choice Award

Empire Ears IEMs in-ear monitors

Headphone Guru 2016 Writer's Choice Award for ADEL™  Technology
We are proud to relay some good news.   Working with Empire Ears, there is now a fantastic In-Ear Monitor on the market that audiophiles can obtain and use with great confidence - Headphone.Guru has given Empire Ears' Zeus R IEMs a "Writer's Choice Award" for 2016.

Zeus R ADEL™  IEMs by Empire Ears and Asius Technologies

While we gave you the link to the full review, we are so stoked from it that we want to share it again here.  Peter Pialis, the reviewer, wrote this:

"This year there were many amazing new products released that really helped move the bar to higher levels. The Focal Utopias really impressed me and where the first dynamic headphones that really pushed this technology to a level that competed very strongly with the very best orthodynamic and electrostatic headphones on the market. The Audeze LCD-4 new 200 ohm edition took a world class pair of headphones and simply made them better. As well, the folks at HifiMan didn’t stop and rest on their laurels with the release of the updated HE-1000 Version 2. Both are simply magical headphones that also continued to move that bar even higher, but being refreshes of already released products, I decided to go with a brand new release to the market in 2016: the Empire Ears Zeus ADEL in-ear monitors. I am currently writing my review for these amazing IEMs and rival the most excellent Focal Utopias for best frequency response I’ve come across. They are incredibly transparent, natural and true to the source material. If you think you have to give up on sound-staging with IEMs, think again! Congratulations to the good folks at Empire Ears and Asius Technologies for combining their efforts on the Zeus ADEL IEMs…to my ears they are the best in-ear monitors I’ve experienced!"

You may obtain a limited selection of models right here on our website or go to Empire Ears for other fantastic choices.

Peter Pialis, thank you.
Frank Iacone, thank you.
Empire Ears, thank you and let's do it again!

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