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There Could Be More to Hearing Loss Than Just Your Hearing

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Here at Asius Technologies, we're seeking out all sorts of information out there to share with the rest of the world regarding hearing.  We do know a lot about the subject, but there are things that catch our attention and we're not afraid to learn even more, because that helps us help you.

The Better Hearing Institute has come out with a great poster that can really wake you up.  They sound the alarm (pun intended) about things to consider if you feel that your hearing is going or gone - all of these things to consider are very alarming indeed.  

Your ability to communicate with others is a hallmark of your humanity.  Without that ability, the stress upon your mind, spirit, and body can negatively affect you in significant ways..  Please take a moment to review this illustration and think about how you can help yourself or a loved one to prevent further medical harm.

Asius Technologies shares The Better Hearing Institute's "The Hearing Bones"

Thank you to The Hearing Loss Institute for putting together such a great illustration!



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